Process Flow

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User Manual MyFEX : 3. Klik Franchise Registration

3.1 Registration Menu

3.2 Click the Options section of Registration : Key-in the form and click Submit button.

User Manual MyFEX : 4.1 Company Profile

There are 5 Main Registration Module that needs to be filled, namely

4.1 Company Profile

4.1 (i). Companies Information

i. SSM Payment and Download SSM Data

b. Key-in company information and MyIPO Information

c.Brand Information, Organasation Chart ,and Management and staffing Information

e.Broker / Consultant Information and Outlet Information


4.1 (ii). Capital and Equity

a. Key-in Company Account Information

b.Key-in Director Information

c. Shareholder Information Exclusion please

4.1 (iii). Business Operations

a. Upload file Brochures Business / Company Profile and Pictures of prototype outlet

b. Infranstructure / Technology Used For Business Operation

4.1 (iv)  Franchise Business Information

User Manual MyFEX : 4.2 Franchise Business Obligation

4.2 Companies Business Obligation

Fill all information of Franchisee Obligation, Franchisor Obligation and Right and Obligations

4.2 (i) Franchisee Obligations

4.2 (ii) Francaisor Obligation


4.2 (iii) Right And Obligations

User Manual MyFEX : 4.3 Financial Information

4.3 Financial Information

4.3 (i) 3 Years Audited Account

4.3 (ii) Initial Investment Cost

User Manual MyFEX : 4.4 Upload File

Upload all files needed in Pdf format (Acrobat Reader).

User Manual MyFEX : 4.5 Declaration

4.5 Declaration

User Manual MyFEX : 4.6 Process Payment

4.6 Process Payment

User Manual MyFEX : 4.7 Submission

4.7 Submision

User Manual MyFEX : 4.8 Submission and Process Checking

4.8 Submission and Process Checking

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